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The first such a well-developed tool for generating posts on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Do someone joke, lock yourself on someone or treat it as a tool to improve your account, the choice is yours. The tool for generating posts is free and not requires providing personal data.

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Fake post generator works perfectly with Twitter. Our tool gives you access to generate posts and comments regardless of whether you do it on your phone, computer or tablet. This fake tweeter generator is regularly updated, so you can be sure that whenever you want to generate an interesting one post or comment you, our tool will not disappoint you.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media nowadays. Therefore, we could not ignore it when customizing our fake post generator. Similar to the fake tweeter generator, fake instagram post can be generated from any device. All you need is access to the Internet. is a great place to make a joke or add some flattering posts.


Fake facebook post is certainly something to use regardless of the circumstances. Facebook has quite rigorous content reasoning so remember that your fake facebook post is not offensive in any way. This also applies to other platforms however facebook most. Fake post generator applies profile posts and comments.

What is a fake post generator?

The fake post generator was originally supposed to be only a fake tweet generator, however, in an objective survey conducted by us in which more than 1000 people took part, users suggested that the service should be extended to fake instagram post and fake facebook post.

Fake post generator has many practical applications. It can be used for fun or for commercial purposes. An easy way to make a joke with your friends that you certainly believe in. Another aspect is the commercial purpose. With a small amount of work you are able to increase the number of comments under your posts on the above social media.

This project is constantly being improved and in the future we will definitely introduce the generation of posts and comments on other social media while updating the current selection options. We are sure that the fake post generator will meet your expectations as it has done for thousands of users.

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Is the fake post generator safe?

The connection between the fake post generator and the user is encrypted by SSL protocol which guarantees the security of every user who visits our website and uses the generator. We guarantee 100% security also based on hiding your IP.
Our site does not collect additional information about you, you can be sure of your security.

Some services offering a similar service are full of viruses that can have a negative impact on your device. Remember to always use anti-virus software that will help you detect any viruses. If you want to make sure you can go ahead and test our site in this regard.

Your satisfaction and safety matter most to us, which is why we use the latest solutions to provide you with it.


Why is the fake post generator the best?

  • Free: Fake post generator is a completely free tool that has been designed and created to help the largest number of social media users around the world. We do not charge any additional fees for using our generator.


  • Safe: We have secured our generator on several levels which guarantees complete safety of users using our website. In times when hacker attacks are more frequent than ever, we guarantee the highest level of security.


  • Fast: Generated posts and comments appear on the profile of your choice within a few minutes. In the case of more posts, adding them by our system will be spread out in time so that the actions do not seem suspicious.


Fake post generator is the best free tool for generating posts and comments in the most popular social media. Anyone who wants to quickly and easily raise their account quality or make some funny joke should use our fake post generator. Maybe you will find a new application for fake generator post that other users didn’t run into.

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